Women fatalities in a car crash

The U.S. has a female vice president for the first time, and even car manufacturers are speaking openly about the safety of women in vehicle collisions. The general sentiment regarding women in motor vehicle collisions (MVCs) is that modern vehicles aren’t adequately designed for them. Women are more prone to sustaining injuries and dying when driving. Statistics show that men are more likely to cause accidents in Missouri and nationally. Here’s a better look at the reasons women end up more vulnerable in the end.

No required tests for female operators

Tests used to inspect modern vehicles rely on male models as dummies, leading to most vehicles being adjusted solely to male physiques. The safety features built into modern cars are, essentially, adjusted for men also. Just a slight malfunction in a seat belt or airbag can render them useless for women in a crash. Women sustain 72% of the injuries that result from car accidents.

Morphology distinguishing sexes

Sex-specific morphology deals with the differences between male and female anatomy. The most common injuries women sustain are abdominal. Even the pelvic region between males and females vastly differs. Scientists are finding that these small changes make a huge difference between life and death in a motor vehicle accident.

Compared to men, women have:

  • A smaller size overall
  • Less muscular structure and resistance
  • Greater body fat
  • A smaller bone structure

The types of vehicles women drive

Though trendy and attractive, the smaller vehicles women drive pose a threat. Larger vehicles, which are often too difficult for those of small statures to operate, are likewise a threat. These larger vehicles, which are pedestrian hazards, dominate the roads while women make up the majority of pedestrians.

Among new legislation to improve women’s safety on the road includes the House of Representatives INVEST in America Act. Advocates find that the work to improve the engineering of vehicles for women has been long overdue.