Why do drivers keep crashing into motorcycles?

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. As the weather gets nicer and riders around St. Louis pull the tarps off their bikes to get ready to hit the road, it’s the perfect time to discuss the problem of motorcycle accidents – specifically, what causes them.

Many people stereotype motorcyclists as reckless and blame them for the injuries they sustain. After all, riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous, right?

Why does this happen?

Drivers failing to notice bikes is of the biggest reasons why. How does this keep happening year after year? NHTSA gives several factors on its website:

  • Many drivers don’t pay attention to the blind spots in their vehicle. Because motorcycles are smaller vehicles, riders are particularly likely to be missed if the driver is not careful.
  • Glare, passengers and objects in the car can also obstruct drivers’ views of nearby motorcycles.
  • Distracted driving is a major factor both in St. Louis and nationwide. Despite laws and public safety campaigns that try to fight it, people remain so addicted to their phones that they put everyone around them at risk of serious injury.

These bad habits are not impossible to correct. NHTSA notes that drivers who ride themselves, or have family members that do, are more likely to take notice of motorcycles on the road. Perhaps simple human empathy is what it takes for drivers to value the safety of motorcyclists.

Unfortunately, careless drivers will probably continue to menace St. Louis riders. If you have been badly hurt by a negligent driver, talk about it with an experienced personal injury attorney to find out if you are entitled to financial compensation.