Who texts and drives the most?

It is certainly well-known that texting and driving causes car accidents. People are never supposed to do this and they should generally just leave their phone in their pocket while they drive. But you can’t deny the fact that people are texting and driving every single day, so this is a risk that you have to face when you share the road with them.

People often make assumptions about the type of person who texts and drives. For example, they will assume that it is usually a student or a young person. But is it fair to make these assumptions? What types of people really text and drive the most?

Professional drivers

While it’s true that professional drivers probably understand the risks of the road more than most, they also spend all day behind the wheel. This simply means that there is much more time for them to relent and decide to text and drive, even when they know it’s not safe or legal. The average person may just spend 20 minutes commuting, but these drivers may spend eight hours or more in the car. As a result, you do want to be wary of truck drivers who are breaking federal regulations and texting on the job.

Men more than women

Another interesting thing to note is that studies find that men text and drive slightly more often than women. These studies do require people to report their own habits, so that does call a bit of the accuracy into question. But they found that men would do this in 19% of cases, while women would only do it 17% of the time.

25 to 39

Perhaps the most surprising thing is that teenage drivers are not the biggest culprits. They are often stereotyped as those who are texting and driving frequently. While they certainly may be doing so some of the time, studies have actually found that those between 25 and 39 are the most likely to text while they drive.

Have you been injured?

You may decide not to text in the car, but other drivers are going to do so. If you get injured in a crash one of them causes, you need to know how to seek compensation.