Violent, deadly motorcycle crash south of St. Louis

Motorcycle riders say the feeling of freedom on the road is unparalleled. Plus, riding a motorcycle can be much cheaper than driving a car and it can be much easier to find a parking spot in St. Louis on a cycle than in a four-wheeled vehicle.

Unfortunately, motorcycles come with a degree of danger, too. We read recently of a violent motorcycle accident in Butler County, about 150 miles south of us. The 57-year-old motorcyclist died of his injuries at the scene of the head-on collision between his cycle and a pick-up truck.

According to a Missouri State Highway Patrol spokesperson, the motorcyclist and pick-up driver were headed in opposite directions on Highway AA near Highway 51 in Broseley. Law enforcement officials believe the GMC Sierra pick-up crossed the highway’s center line and slammed into the oncoming motorcycle, a news report stated.

We do not yet know why the pick-up’s driver did not keep the 4,000-lb.-plus vehicle in its proper lane, but we do know that in many similar motorcycle crashes, distractions play key roles. A driver only has to look at a phone and away from the road and traffic for a moment in order for tragedy to strike.

In some similar wrecks, intoxication is the deciding factor. A driver thoughtlessly, recklessly gets behind the wheel while impaired by alcohol or drugs (or both) and the horrific results are all too predictable. Innocent people can pay the ultimate price in a completely preventable drunk driving crash.

If you or a loved one has been harmed by a distracted or impaired driver, you can pursue maximum compensation for all damages with the help of an attorney skilled and experienced in personal injury litigation.