Tire defects and failures could lead to serious injuries

As someone who drives for work regularly, you want to know that you’re going to be safe on the roads. The last thing you want to do is to get into a crash because another person’s vehicle isn’t in good condition.

Tire blowouts and tread separations are two issues that large commercial vehicles may have that could impact you. Steel-belted radial tire technology, the kind used in many commercial tires, sometimes leads to tire separation because of the difficulty in getting steel to adhere to rubber.

As weather changes occur and the tires are exposed to hot and cold temperatures, they could separate and become defective.

Tire separations can lead to blowouts

One of the biggest issues with tire separations is the risk of blowouts. When tires blowout, they lose pressure quickly and may cause the driver to lose control. That could mean that a truck driver ends up cutting across lanes or going into a jackknife as they suddenly brake. Many people could be negatively impacted if they’re driving near to the commercial vehicle.

Loose tread could lead to crashes

Loose tread is another big problem, because if the separation comes loose and becomes debris, it could impact other vehicles. Whether the entire tires comes off or only a few portions shred onto the roadway, the debris could be enough to cause a serious auto accident.  As a driver, you never want to see these “road alligators” on the ground, because they’re often hard to get around without having to leave your lane or quickly maneuver in a potentially dangerous way.

If you’re hurt because of a commercial driver’s tires, you deserve support

After you’re involved in a crash due to a commercial driver’s defective tires, you deserve an opportunity to make a claim. You may be able to hold the driver or their employer accountable. If the tire was defective, the manufacturer may also be able to be held accountable for the damage that the tire has caused on the roads.

Following a car crash, get medical care, and then look into your rights as you put together your claim.