Tips to preventing motorcycle accidents

As summer dwindles, your time for motorcycle riding may be dwindling as the cooler weather is on the horizon. However, making sure you stay safe while riding is essential.

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, there were around 2,000 motorcycle crashes each year. These types of accidents have a high mortality rate as motorcyclists have less protection while on the road. The changing season is a great time to make sure you know these tips to preventing an accident.

Before you ride

  • Dress for the ride: Wearing protective gear can always help avoid injury and fatality in case of an accident. Similarly, wearing layers can protect you from strong, cold winds as well as provide extra padding. Wearing bright colors can also help you be noticeable on the road.
  • Get a tune-up: Making sure your bike is ride-ready can be essential. Having a motorcycle with low tire pressure, a broken light, or poor brakes may increase the chances of an accident.

While you ride

  • Watch for obstructions: Strong winds and storms cause leaves and branches to land in the road, causing obstructions.
  • Stay on the defense: Riding defensively is helpful tactic while sharing the road with other motor-vehicles. Check your surroundings often and continue to watch out for possible reasons for an accident.

In case of an accident

Making sure to follow the tips above could help you avoid an accident, but accidents still happen. If you end up in an accident, make sure you are okay, exchange information with the other driver and seek medical attention.