Tips for driving around big rigs

Driving around big rigs in St. Louis, Missouri, can be tricky. Read below to learn more about how to avoid getting into an accident with these larger vehicles.

Avoid driving in someone’s blind spot

Driving at the side of a truck is dangerous because the driver may not be able to see you as well. This is especially true for commercial vehicles, which have blind spots at both sides of the vehicle. Stay vigilant whenever a truck or other commercial vehicle is backing out or changing lanes.

Pass them up as quickly as possible

Many commercial vehicles and big rigs have speed limits built into the vehicles themselves that prevent them from reaching past a certain speed. Whenever you are trying to pass a commercial vehicle, signal and then pass. Pay special attention to avoid staying in the truck driver’s blind spot.

Keep a good distance away

Driving too close to trucks can put you at risk of being a victim of a tire blow-out, which can cause serious injuries. If you are too close to a truck while it is trying to turn with you stuck in the blind spot, you could get into a motor vehicle accident.

Give the trucks plenty of time to stop

Trucks and the trailers pulled behind them weigh several thousands of pounds more than the average vehicle. This means that a fully loaded truck traveling 60 mph needs a long time to stop in ideal conditions. Make sure you leave enough room for trucks to stop safely.

Stay alert

When you are near a large commercial truck or big rig on the road, you need to give your full attention to your surroundings no matter what. This is because distracted driving is very dangerous and can cause a car accident. This may mean turning your phone on silent, not eating while you are driving and turning off your Bluetooth devices. This way, you can do your part in keeping yourself and others safe on the road.

Following these steps will help keep you safe, but you can’t control the way that others drive. If you have gotten into a motor vehicle accident with a truck or other commercial vehicle, you may ask a personal injury attorney for advice.