Three P’s For Winter Driving

It’s the end of October and temperatures are slowly dropping. The days are growing shorter. Before you know it, winter will be here. The streets throughout St. Louis will be threatened by snow and ice. Snowplows will make the rounds, pouring salt on the road, doing their part to make commutes safer.

You have driven through many Missouri winters, but this is your first winter with a baby. You have the safest carseat on the market, and you trust your driving skills. Regardless, you are nervous for winter to arrive. These tips can help ease those nerves.

Plan Ahead

Always check the weather before hitting the road. Pay attention to the radar if there is any precipitation in the forecast. Also check to see how windy it is and if that will be a factor. If the weather isn’t favorable, try to stay home or reduce your commute. If you must leave the house, allot yourself extra travel time to get to and from your destination. Know what to do if you’re in an accident and have your ICE contact programmed in your phone. 

Prepare The Car

Look over your vehicle. It would be good to take your car in for routine maintenance before the weather gets bad. Check your tires and allow your vehicle to warm up before shifting into drive. Pack your vehicle with an emergency road kit. Don’t forget to include a blanket and snacks just in case. Keep your gas tank at least half full and swap out your windshield wipers.

Practice Winter Driving Skills

Don’t forget that driving in the winter requires extra skill. Always accelerate and brake slowly. Keep more distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Never use your cruise control and be careful when crossing bridges and overpasses.