Teens are learning bad driving habits from their parents

One of the proudest moments a parent can have is when they notice they have become a role model for their children. It often happens that when a parent sees their children following in their footsteps on how they live their life. A satisfying sense of pride can easily overtake a parent seeing this. These parents may not feel that same way if they have poor driving habits.

If you are a parent prone to speeding, taking selfies or even driving while intoxicated, there is a good chance your children will emulate this same behavior behind the wheel. According to a new survey, many teens will pick up the same bad driving habits that their parents display.

Parents bad driving habits

Nearly half of parents said they have talked on the phone while driving with 37 percent saying they have exceeded the speed limit by over 10 mph. Two dangerous activities also modeled by teens.

Thirty-seven percent of parents also admitted to using apps while driving compared to 38 percent of teens. When it comes to taking a selfie, 14 percent of parents have admitted to doing it compared to 15 percent of teens. Organizers of the survey believe that the behaviors of the parents are being introduced and reinforced in teens.

Teens distracted and inexperienced

When teens exhibit the same type of dangerous driving behaviors as their parents, combined with their inexperience behind the wheel, the results can be deadly. According to the CDC, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teens in the U.S.

This same trend of teens copying parents continues when it involves driving while impaired. Nine percent of parents and eight percent of teens said they have driven when they were under the influence of marijuana. On top of that, 11 percent of teens said they vape when they drive.

Parents know their influence

The survey even asked the parents if they believed their driving habits are an influence on their kids. Nearly all the parents agreed that it is. However, a third of the parents who see their teens driving distracted do not reprimand them for doing it.

As a parent, even if you have the “do as I say and not as I do” philosophy, it may not resonate with your teen driver. Distracted driving can lead to serious injury or even death for either you or your teen driver. As a parent, keep in mind that leading by example continues to be important even when you are driving.