Summer is here: It’s motorcycle time

If you own a motorcycle, you wait all year long for the warm and sunny summer weather to arrive. When that happens, there’s nothing better than strapping on your gear, readying your bike and hitting the open road.

When you leave home, you do so with the idea that you’ll have an enjoyable experience. However, things can take a turn for the worse if you’re injured in a motorcycle-car accident.

Here are some of the many things that increase the risk of an accident during the summer months:

  • More people on the road: You’re not the only one taking to the road to enjoy the summer weather. There are many others doing the same, ranging from vacationers to teenagers who are out of school for the year.
  • Inclement weather: While you may be comfortable driving in perfect conditions, you can’t always expect this to be the case. Even if the weather was favorable when you left home, it could quickly turn on you. From rain to strong wind, keep an eye on the sky for changing weather patterns.
  • Slick roads: It may not be actively raining while you’re riding, but that doesn’t mean the roads aren’t slick. For example, if you leave home shortly after a rainstorm, you should expect the roads to be slick and more difficult to navigate.
  • Distracted driving: This goes along with more people on the road. As traffic picks up, so does the likelihood of distracted driving. And this is even more so the case in the summer when there are additional distractions to contend with, such as pedestrians.

Even though there are risks associated with riding your motorcycle, that’s not enough to keep you off the road. You love your bike, so you’re going to use it as often as you can. Especially during the summer months.

If you’re injured in a motorcycle-car accident, your main concern is your health and well-being. There’s a good chance you’ve suffered a serious injury, such as broken bones or a concussion.

After you receive treatment and understand your prognosis, your focus can turn to filing an insurance claim and taking action against the negligent driver.