St. Louis truck crash leaves six in critical condition

According to a news report from a St. Louis TV station, six people were seriously injured in a crash early this morning. Officials said that just before 2 this morning, an 18-wheeler and a car collided on Gravois Avenue near the 55-44 split.

The truck driver told law enforcement officials that the car had swerved back and forth as it headed north and that he tried to avoid it, but the two vehicles collided anyway. The tractor-trailer also struck a vehicle parked on the side of the highway, police said.

All of the passengers in the car were transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition, Fox 2 reported.

Law enforcement officials have not yet said what caused the crash, but we do know that there are several common causes of motor vehicle crashes that could be involved in this incident.

At the top of the list: distracted driving. It now causes more crashes across the U.S. than excess speed, DUI, mechanical problems and other causes. Though experts say that cellphone use is far and away the most common reason people are distracted while driving, they can also be distracted by passengers, eating food, taking a drink and other common activities that can take a person’s eyes and attention away from the road and traffic.

Second on the list: speeding. Excess speed is often a major part of the most serious motor vehicle accidents involving significant injuries and fatalities. Because the crash last night occurred on a highway, it is almost certain that speed played a role.

It is, of course, possible that another common cause of crashes was a contributor to the collision: drunk driving. It is far too often the reason why violent crashes take place and leave innocent people with devastating injuries.

Crash injury victims can fight back against reckless drivers by exercising their rights to pursue compensation from the perpetrator. Contact a St. Louis attorney experienced in personal injury litigation for more information about your legal options.