St. Louis man killed in truck crash on way back to school

He grew up in St. Louis and attended school in the affluent suburb of Ladue. When it was time for the young man to go to college, he went to the University of Kansas, but still returned to his hometown some weekends.

In fact, the 20-year-old was on his way back to the university after spending homecoming weekend here. He was driving near his destination when a tractor-trailer attempting to cross the highway pulled directly in front of him, according to a news report. The former football and track start was killed in the violent collision with the 18-wheeler.

A report from law enforcement officials said the student’s vehicle struck the middle axle of the big rig, which then spun and hit a third vehicle. Neither the truck driver or the person in the third vehicle were injured in the crash.

The son of a kindergarten teacher and a school board member was driving a 2001 SUV on U.S. Highway 24 when the 2015 Freightliner tried to cross in front of him. The trucker was supposed to yield in the median on the four-lane, divided highway, but for some reason ignored the yield sign and did not stop.

The student was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died a few hours after the truck accident.

Though police have not said why the trucker did not yield, we know that in many similar crashes that distraction, impairment or fatigue are significant factors.

Those who have been injured or lost a loved one in a crash due to a truck driver’s negligence can speak with a lawyer experienced in personal injury and wrongful death litigation.