Spring rides can be particularly dangerous for motorcyclists

With temperatures on the rise and the sun staying out longer every day, you may be eager to get out for a ride on your motorcycle. Perhaps you are one of those intrepid bikers who ride even in the depths of winter. Maybe you store your bike during the coldest months.

Whichever category you fall into, the spring can be a wonderful time to get some fresh air on your bike and perform preseason maintenance to get ready for the summer. When you go out for rides, it’s important that you pay close attention to some of the unique spring risks on the road. What risks are a bigger concern in spring?

Animals and leaves from trees

Debris in the road is always a safety risk for motorcycles. There may be residual leaves from autumn near the road or even leaves coming down from trees that tend to drop their foliage in spring, like certain species of oak.

As temperatures increase, wildlife activity will also increase. All kinds of animals may want to cross the road to seek food or possibly a mate on the other side. Slippery leaves could cause you to lose traction on the road or hide other dangerous elements from view, while animals could force you to swerve or result in a collision.

New potholes

Spring is pothole season. The freezing and thawing that sometimes occurs in rapid succession as the weather transitions from winter to summer can do a lot of damage to road surfaces. Potholes often become obvious once the ice that once filled them melts. New ones can also spring up overnight, making a route that was safe the day before unexpectedly dangerous.

Negligent drivers

One of the biggest concerns for the average motorcyclist is how people in bigger vehicles fail to notice them. When it isn’t yet summer, drivers are less likely than in the height of the riding season to actively look for motorcycles. If someone doesn’t check for you, they could cause a major crash.

Whether you have ridden all winter or are about to bring your bike out of storage, reminding yourself of some of the biggest seasonal risks in the spring can reduce your chance of a motorcycle crash.