Side guards may protect car passengers during side collisions

One of the most devastating types of car crashes is one involving a side collision with a tractor-trailer. These accidents are some of the deadliest, resulting in serious injury or death in nearly every instance. What many people don’t realize is that there is technology that could help lessen the devastating impact of these crashes on car passengers.

What is a truck side guard and how could it help?

Generally speaking, trucks have about 42 inches of clearance between their undersides and the road. That clearance amount is the same amount of space that you occupy inside a passenger car. This means that if you are in a passenger car, and you were to get into a side collision with a truck, your car would fly right under the truck, causing devastating injuries or death.

Something called a side guard could help reduce the devastation caused by these types of truck accidents. A side guard installed onto a truck could help prevent cars from sliding under the truck during a side-impact collision. The trucking industry has been completely against the idea of adding side guards, saying that side guards cost too much and that they would add to the weight of the truck, causing an imbalance. Advocates have tried unsuccessfully for years to lobby Congress to create a law that would require trucking companies to install side guards on all their trucks.

Advocates say that the side guards actually save lives, pointing to the fact that the European Union (EU) has required side guards on all their trucks since 2003. Since that time, the number of injuries to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers has drastically decreased. Advocates continue to bring their fight before Congress, hoping that a new administration would be more open to listening.

Who people should turn to when they need help with the aftermath of truck accidents

Truck accidents can have devastating consequences on everyone involved, and side collisions involving trucks usually result in the most serious of consequences for the victims. People who have been impacted by such an accident may benefit by consulting with attorneys who have experience in this area.