Report: Missouri drivers take a turn for the worse

Late last year, a report was released that confirmed what many St. Louis residents have believed for some time: Missouri drivers are getting worse. According to, Missouri drivers had managed to stay out of its annual top ten ranking of worst state drivers since 2014, but that streak has ended.

We ranked 10th in the most recent ratings. The rankings are determined by an analysis of factors involved in motor vehicle accidents: careless driving, drunk driving, failure to obey traffic laws, fatality rate and speeding.

The report notes that though Missouri drivers are not the very worst in any of the categories, we “consistently ranked in the worst half of the United States in all five categories in this study.” Our very best ranking is in the drunk driving category, where we came in 24th. Our worst ranking is in failure to obey traffic laws, where we placed 13th.

Those compiling the report made a special note of the carnage over the July 4th 2017 holiday weekend when there were 494 crashes across the state, resulting in 14 deaths and 186 injuries. There were 172 arrests that weekend for impaired driving as well.

The worst drivers in the nation can be found in Alaska, the study states. Drivers there rank second in drunk driving, fourth in fatality rate, sixth for speeding, eighth in failure to obey and 21st in careless driving.

The state with the best rating? Minnesota. Drivers there have occupied the safest spot for four years in a row.

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