Recovery is possible

If you’ve ever been involved in a car crash, you know how scary they can be, and you know how suddenly everything can change. In a split-second, an injury can change your life forever. But the story of a young woman from O’Fallon reminds us that recovery is possible.

KSDK-TV recently featured the story of a woman who was struck by a car while she was jogging. She was severely injured and needed multiple brain surgeries. She lost her ability to speak, and her doctors said she would never walk again. Six years later, she had learned how to speak again, and she was able to join her sisters for an alumni soccer game. She scored two goals.

Recovery is not easy

The story of this woman’s recovery is both heartwarming and encouraging, but we should not overlook the tremendous efforts she and her family made throughout her recovery. They worked hard and endured hardships. They needed help, too, and they needed money to pay for all the doctors and therapists who provided that help.

How much money? The National Safety Council (NSC) tracks the estimated costs of different injuries and found the average economic impact of a disabling injury in 2017 was $93,800. That’s not exactly pocket change, and it’s a figure that goes way over a lot of insurance caps.

Worse yet, that’s not even the full cost of the injury. The NSC estimates the full cost of an injury like the young woman’s, including quality of life measurements, averages to just over $1.1 million. Even someone who walks away from a crash with far less damaging injuries may still be looking to suffer as much as $318,000 in damages over time.

Do not limit your recovery

If someone you love is injured in an auto accident, your first thought shouldn’t be of medical bills. More likely, you’ll be working to get all the necessary care. This is why you have insurance, but if your insurance isn’t enough, you still won’t want to limit your loved one’s recovery. An experienced lawyer can help you explore your options and find your path toward the fullest possible recovery.