Reasons teens have higher rates of crashes

Motor vehicle accidents can happen at any age. However, the rate of car accidents for teenagers is generally higher than that of other age groups and is one of the main causes of death among this demographic. Fortunately, knowledge and experience can prevent many of these accidents.

Here are a few of the reasons why Missouri teenagers have higher rates of motor vehicle crashes.


The only way to gain experience with doing a task is to get lots of practice. By default, a teenager will generally have less experience with driving than an older person who received their driver’s license at the same age. The more someone drives, the more able they are to recognize and avoid hazardous situations that could lead to an accident.


Everyone can be at risk of distracted driving, but coupled with their relative inexperience, distracted driving is especially dangerous for teens. Distractions can include talking on the phone, texting someone on the phone, listening to loud music, or even chatting with other passengers in the car.


Teenagers are more likely to drive above the speed limit than older demographics, which not only raises the risk of getting into a car accident but increases the likelihood that the crash will be serious or fatal.

Education and practice can go a long way toward reducing the risk of accidents among teenagers. Ensure that your teen completes a comprehensive driver’s education course and gets plenty of practice driving with a parent or other trusted adult.