Many people look forward to a day of recreation on Lake of the Ozarks, other lakes or waterways throughout Missouri. Unfortunately, recreational watercraft or boating accidents can darken a pleasurable day on the water. Operators and passengers on a boat are often thrown during a crash, creating risks for a variety of potentially debilitating injuries. Fatal injuries and drownings are real threats.

Negligence is often involved in accidents on the water. Parties on the water are common. Alcohol, inattentiveness and recklessness are all hazards. When other boaters or operators of personal watercraft are careless, the risk of accident rises sharply, creating hazards for others on the water.

A Maritime Lawyer Can Help You Unravel The Facts In Complex Watercraft Accident Investigations

Watercraft accidents can include complicated legal issues. Insurance coverage issues, maritime law throughout Missouri and Illinois waterways and personal injury principles and liability issues all come into play in boating and watercraft accidents. There may be many parties who share some responsibility as well as potential liability for the accident.

Was the boat or Jet Ski a rental for the day? Who is the owner of the boat? Did the accident occur during a company outing? Our attorney and legal team know how to investigate the details to maximize compensation for watercraft accident victims.

We have the resources and experience to champion your rights across the spectrum of watercraft accidents, including:

  • Boat collisions
  • Boats or watercraft striking a swimmer
  • Accidents involving impaired operators
  • Drownings and other fatal injuries arising in a wreck
  • Passenger injury when a boater negligently hits a stationary object

Our maritime attorneys take great pride in our attention to detail and attention to our clients. We care about the legal aspects of each case and the drive to maximize compensation. However, we also know the importance of medical care. We will guide you through this difficult time with personal care you can count on.

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