Missouri Motorcycle Laws And Safety Tips

At The Wilbers Law Firm LLC, we have spent decades advocating for injured motorcyclists. However, our team wants to do more than represent injured bikers, we want to proactively help keep motorcyclists safe.

While it’s impossible to prevent many crashes, below we provide information about Missouri’s motorcycle laws and offer safety tips so you can get out on the road with confidence, knowing that you are doing everything you can to protect your health and well-being.

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Motorcycle Licensing Requirements

Motorcyclists must obtain a Class M motorcycle license or permit to lawfully ride in Missouri. You can apply for a temporary permit once you are 15 ½ years old.

All new motorcyclists start with a permit. You can only advance to a Class M license once you pass the motorcycle skill test (MSHP or MRTC). There is both a written test and an on-bike test.

Permitted drivers must adhere to certain restrictions such as not carrying passengers and only driving during the daytime. If the permitted motorcyclist is under the age of 16, engine displacement cannot be greater than 250 cc, and the biker must stay within a 50-mile limit of their home address.

Missouri Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Missouri motorcyclists are not required to wear a helmet if:

  • They are over the age of 26
  • They can provide proof of health insurance coverage

Even if not required, bikers are encouraged to wear helmets to minimize injury in the event of a motor vehicle accident.

Safety Tips For Bikers Of All Experience Levels

All drivers can be in an accident, regardless of their skill level and the safety measures they practice. However, we recommend following the safety tips below to minimize your risk on Missouri roads.

Before You Ride

  • Bike Choice: Purchase a motorcycle that is appropriate for your skill level. Evaluate the bike’s weight and power to make sure you can handle it.
  • Gear: Wear specialized motorcycle gear to protect your body from the elements, debris kicked up off the road and potential road rash. This can include a helmet, googles, jacket, gloves, boots and pants.
  • Pre-ride Inspection: Inspect your motorcycle before you leave home to ensure your turn signals, taillights, brakes, tire pressure, oil, mirrors and horn are in proper working order.
  • Fuel Check: Check your fuel gage to ensure that you have enough fuel to reach your destination or the nearest gas station.
  • Courses: Regularly attend safety courses to keep key safety practices top of mind.

On The Road

  • Traffic laws: Obey all traffic laws. Do not trust other motorists to do the same.
  • Signal: Use your turn signal every time you change lanes or turn so other drivers have proper forewarning.
  • Speed: Avoid speeding. Lower your speed below the limit as road and traffic conditions require.
  • Visibility: Increase your visibility by wearing brightly colored clothes, keeping out of other vehicles’ blind spots, using your headlights and turn signals.
  • Road hazards: Avoid potholes, gravel and other road hazards that can make your bike lose traction with the road.
  • Spacing: Give other vehicles space. Avoid tailgating drivers and watch for unobservant drivers who can merge into your lane without warning.
  • Road conditions: Avoid driving in rainy, snowy or icy conditions.

Motorcyclists Suffer From A Lack Of Visibility

One of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents is their lack of visibility. Due to their smaller size, it is easy for inattentive drivers to overlook your motorcycle as they glance in their rearview mirror or attempt to change lanes.

Remain vigilant and drive defensively. Do not assume that another driver sees you and never drive in another vehicle’s blind spot. Keep in mind that it is even more difficult for other drivers to see you at dawn, dusk and at night.

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