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The agricultural industry is rife with hazards. Accidents on the farm, or motor vehicle crashes on rural roads involving farm machinery, are highly common in Missouri. Most incidents on a farm are covered under workers’ compensation. Missouri does not require coverage for farm labor. However, larger agricultural operations may have coverage for nonfarm labor workers. Analyzing farm accidents requires a detailed review of the nature of the accident, whether workers’ compensation laws or personal injury principles apply, as well as the extent of the injuries. Getting proper medical care is critical after a serious accident.

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At The Wilbers Law Firm LLC in St. Louis, we focus on guiding clients through the most difficult times of their lives. We fully analyze the cause of each accident, whether workers’ compensation or a personal injury claim is the most appropriate, as well as whether a third-party claim may supplement workers’ compensation benefits.

Farm accident claims can involve a wide range of hazards, including:

  • Defective farm machinery
  • Collisions involving motor vehicles and farm machinery
  • Injuries resulting from negligently being run over by a tractor
  • Accidents involving defective farm machinery
  • Injuries caused by large animals
  • Falls, including falling from a tractor, a horse or from a height
  • Exposure to chemicals, causing harm

The agricultural industry is recognized as a highly dangerous line of work. Farmers work with large animals, perform a large amount of manual labor, use a wide range of dangerous machinery and products, as well as face exposure to toxic chemicals. While farming serves as a strong backbone of the economy, many people suffer catastrophic injuries on the farm and in rural communities throughout Missouri.

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