New study shows cellphone laws and bans are effective

We’ve all seen it while out on the roads – the driver in the car next to us is texting. Distracted driving and the casualties it causes are an issue we continually hear about. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the use of electronic devices while driving is the leading cause of motor vehicle crashes.

Nationally, crashes involving distracted drivers cause multiple fatalities and injuries every year. Statistics from the CDC say nine people are killed each day with thousands more injured as a result of distracted driving. And the thing is, it’s entirely preventable with safer choices.

Tough cellphone laws are effective

However, there may be some good news regarding distracted driving.A recent study done by Florida Atlantic University and Miami University has found that stricter handheld and cellphone laws may be working, particularly for motorcycle riders. The study suggests that the states with tougher cellphone laws or bans saw an 11% decrease in the occurrence of motorcycle fatalities compared with states that don’t have the laws.

Overall, motor vehicle safety has improved in the last few decades which has resulted in fewer crashes and fatalities, but not with motorcyclists. The data doesn’t reflect an overall effect on motor vehicle crashes in general, but the news about a decrease in motorcycle numbers may be an indication that the stricter laws are effective.

The study gives us reason to believe that the stricter laws are working. With distracted driving causing so many deaths on the roadways, it’s reason enough to increase, strengthen and enforce the laws we currently have in place.