My Amazing Client

This is my amazing client (and now, friend!) Lynn.

wilbers image 5.jpg

She, and others like her, are the reason I choose to stay in the challenging, under appreciated, and mentally and emotionally taxing field of injury law.

I have had the gift of watching her walk through this journey from a place of brokenness, inside and out, to a place of forgiveness and personal peace, despite her continuing physical struggles.

Wilbers image 2 hospital bed.jpg

Her husband has been an incredible support to her through this, while dealing with his own injuries, and the two of them have been a delight to work with, as we laugh, cry, and pray together seeking the resolution and closure they deserve.

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You can listen to part of Lynn’s story here:  Look for “Crossing Over” posted on 8.30.19. (Shared with permission… Love you, Lynn!)

The above has been reposted from a Facebook post to reach all of our readers and spread Lynn’s story as widely as possible.