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Posts tagged "Trucking Accidents"

Research: Underpaid, fatigued truckers pose real road dangers

We all know the feelings of drowsiness. They come quietly upon us every night. We begin to blink and yawn and lose interest in the book we’re reading, conversation we’re having or TV show we’re watching. The most natural thing to do is to head to bed and fall asleep. Unfortunately, many people are behind the wheel of a vehicle on the road when the feelings of drowsiness come upon them. The worst choice they make is to keep driving, experts say.

Research: Vehicle vibrations significantly increase driver drowsiness

Like every major American city, St. Louis is crisscrossed by interstates and other major roadways carrying every imaginable type of 18-wheelers, cars, pick-ups, SUVs and motorcycles. Because of our city’s central location, we are often a stopping place for not only commercial drivers, but also tourists and other travelers.

Cutting truck safety regulations may cause more fatal accidents

Anyone who has spent time behind a tractor trailer on one of Missouri's interstate highways or roads understands the old bumper sticker that reads, "Without trucks, America stops." This is true since most freight and goods in America spends time in transit on a truck. But sometimes trucks can stop traffic, or a life.

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