Missouri Memorial Day traffic toll

Across St. Louis, Missouri and the nation this past week, we paused on Memorial Day to honor those members of the armed forces who gave their lives to preserve our freedom.

Unfortunately, people are injured and killed in motor vehicle crashes every year over the Memorial Day weekend. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that seven people were killed in traffic crashes across the state over the 2019 holiday weekend.

The holiday weekend began at 6 pm last Friday and lasted through noon this past Monday, law enforcement officials said. The Highway Patrol said its officers investigated 298 traffic crashes across the state that resulted in 106 injuries.

Troopers also made 95 arrests on charges of driving while intoxicated and another 93 drug arrests.

In 2018, there were 16 people killed in motor vehicle crashes over the three-day holiday period, with 294 traffic accident investigations and 124 injuries.

While the total numbers of crashes and injuries remained relatively stable over the two years, we can all take heart that the number of fatalities dropped by slightly more than half.

Five of the traffic crash fatalities were in the Weldon Spring area (30 miles west of St. Louis), with another in the Willow Springs (about 180 miles southwest) and another in the Rolla (about 100 miles southwest) areas.

A news report on the holiday traffic carnage did not mention if investigators noted the involvement in the crashes of distracted driving, speeding or drunk driving – three of the most common causes of violent vehicle collisions.

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