Medical advancements are overcoming major injuries

Serious injuries can have life-changing ramifications. Some people never fully recover from an injury suffered in a car accident or workplace accident, for example. They have symptoms that they have to deal with for the rest of their life, such as pain or limited mobility.

But the good news is that advancements in medical technology are coming at an increasing rate, and many things that used to be considered major injuries are now things that can be overcome. This doesn’t mean that treatment is not necessary or that the injury isn’t serious, but simply that we are seeing better results than we ever have before.

A new treatment for spinal cord injuries

For example, last year, reports came out that a new treatment involving rehabilitation and nerve stimulation had been used on spinal cord patients. This treatment was shown to help them regain some level of mobility. It’s yet another step forward. Fifty years ago, someone who had a spinal cord injury in a car accident may never walk again. Today, they may be able to get some of that mobility back by using these cutting-edge treatments.

Advancements in athletics

One place where a lot of these advancements are made is in sports injuries. Because there’s so much money in sports, a lot of it is put into injury recovery. For example, an athlete who tore an ACL in the 90s was likely to see their career come to an end. Now, athletes tear their ACL‘s and return the following year. Some of them even come back appearing to be stronger and faster than they were before.

Now, the average person isn’t going to tear their ACL playing football or basketball, but you certainly could suffer similar injuries in a car accident or fall. It’s good to know that medical treatments are progressing, even if they can be expensive. Due to this expense, it’s also important to know what legal options you have if someone else caused your injury.