How to drive more safely around motorcycles

Missouri drivers should take special precautions to avoid hitting motorcyclists. Motorcyclists have less protection when they are on the road because they are not surrounded by a vehicle, and they can also be harder to see. This makes them more vulnerable to accidents and severe injuries.

Looking for motorcyclists

Keeping an eye out for them can be helpful in preventing motorcycle accidents. For example, you should make sure that you look in your blind spots when you are ready to change lanes. If you are turning left, you should make a point of checking for motorcycles, keeping in mind that they are smaller than other vehicles and may blend in with the rest of your visual field if you are not careful. Always give them their own lane.

Adjust your behavior

You should also be aware of the limitations that motorcyclists face. For example, the wind created if you pass one while driving fast could destabilize them. They are also more likely to be affected by inclement weather. On the other hand, their small size means that they react more quickly than larger vehicles, so when you are traveling behind one, you should leave enough vehicle lengths to stop suddenly if necessary. Motorcyclists can also face extra challenges when driving at night, and you should be sure to dim your headlights when you see one.

Watch for turns

Putting your turn signal on early can be a courtesy to motorcyclists. You should also be aware that some motorcycles might not have blinkers that turn off automatically, and proceed with caution if one seems to be driving for a while with a turn signal on.

It is important to drive carefully to avoid motorcycle accidents, but you should also make an effort to drive carefully around all vehicles. This includes not speeding, avoiding distractions and not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.