How do truck accidents differ from car accidents?

Collisions involving trucks have the capacity to cause significant damages because of the force created by large vehicles. Many car drivers who are involved in collisions with trucks assume that the truck drivers will be deemed to be at fault. However, a report conducted by the American Trucking Association found that the majority of car-truck crashes are caused by car drivers.

If you are a car driver and you have recently been in a collision involving a truck, conduct research into the nature of these incidences. By understanding the key differences between collisions involving cars and collisions involving trucks, you will be better prepared to engage in an insurance or personal injury claim. The following are some key differences that you should be aware of.

There is more scientific evidence to assist truck crash investigations

In many ways, it is easier to establish the cause of a truck collision than a car collision. This is because trucks have specific technology that aid post-crash investigations. Many trucks have a “black box” that records things such as the speed at which the driver was traveling before the collision. In addition, many trucks have cameras fitted to record the driver. Using this technology, it can be possible to find out whether the truck driver made a poor decision or if they engaged in distracted driving.

Trucks have more insurance coverage

Trucks are expensive vehicles, and they also help businesses to run efficiently. Trucking companies are incentivized to have more comprehensive insurance policies that cover their entire fleet. This may make it more difficult for a car driver to successfully claim compensation.

Truck drivers are held to higher standards

The trucking industry is a highly regulated one. This means that truck drivers must go through intensive training before they are certified to operate their vehicle. They are also subject to random drug tests and are prohibited from consuming alcohol for a certain amount of time before operating the truck.

Truck drivers can be more vulnerable to fatigue

While truck drivers are highly skilled, they are more likely to deal with fatigued driving due to the demands of their job.

If you have been involved in a car-truck collision in Missouri, consider taking action to get the damages that you deserve.