How dangerous is drowsy driving?

An impaired driver presents a significant risk to the safety of others. Missouri’s drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists all face risks when someone cannot operate a vehicle safely. Now, many point to drunk driving’s dangers, but they might not realize how hazardous drowsy driving is. Yes, a tired person could suffer similar impairments to that of an intoxicated driver.

Fatigued driving and its dangers

A person could be so tired that they fall asleep at the wheel. Of course, an unconscious driver cannot control a motor vehicle, making a crash likely. Is there much of a difference in this scenario than someone passing out while under the influence?

A person need not fall asleep to cause a disastrous collision, either. Feeling tired might lead to a loss of concentration. A tired driver might not notice a light turned red or a vehicle stopped. Poor concentration may combine with decreased reflexes. The driver may not stop or swerve in time to prevent an accident.

Such incidents, along with others, could reflect negligence on the fatigued driver’s part. Negligence may lead to a lawsuit in the aftermath of harming others.

Preventing drowsy driving

Following several steps for avoiding drowsy driving could prevent accidents. Someone who had little or no sleep the night before might benefit from an alternate means of travel. People with sleep disorders should seek treatment to prevent daytime drowsiness.

Sometimes, choosing a better time for commuting might work. Driving too early in the morning may come with consequences. The same could be true of those taking substances that cause drowsiness. Some over-the-counter medications may be dangerous to take before heading out on the road.

People who cause accidents while fatigued won’t find “being tired” serves as a sufficient defense. Hopefully, a sleepy driver who causes a motor vehicle accident has enough liability insurance to cover claims.

Anybody hurt by a drowsy driver could speak with a personal injury attorney handling motor vehicle accidents. The attorney can examine the specifics of the case and recommend civil actions to take.