How 3D-printing could change the lives of car crash amputees

Losing a body part in a car crash is unquestionably one of the most horrific injuries possible. Whether the accident resulted in an amputation or the injuries caused by a crash forced doctors to amputate the limb or extremity because they could not save it, it can be very difficult for someone to adjust to life without an arm, hand, leg or foot.

Even the loss of a finger or toe can affect someone’s ability to work and sense of balance. Prosthetics, special devices meant to replace missing body parts, have long been difficult to obtain. People hurt in car crashes, for example, have to work within the limits of the applicable car insurance policy or the compensation available through a personal injury lawsuit.

They are expensive, meaning that not everyone who suffers an amputation can access them. However, 3D-printing has helped change what prosthetic devices cost and how many people may have access to them.

3D-printed prosthetic devices can be customized cheaply

A single prosthetic device could well exceed the total medical coverages for a driver’s insurance policy with a price tag of $50,000 or more. One of the reasons that prosthetic devices are often expensive is due to the amount of work it takes to do the necessary measurements to customize a prosthetic to an individual’s body.

With 3D-printing, it may soon be possible to streamline the process of customizing individual prosthetic devices for the user. They will print exactly to a person specifications, from length and appearance to weight-bearing capacity and function, possibly for prices as low as under $8,000, making prosthetic devices affordable under the coverage available via motor vehicle liability insurance.

3D-printing gives access even to those in remote locations

The person lives in a rural community, they shouldn’t have to travel extensively, especially while adjusting to a severe injury. With the rise of 3D-print technology at medical facilities and community technology centers, there will be more options than ever before for those in need of creative prosthetic solutions to find local resources.

Amputation is unquestionably a tragic experience and an injury that can change someone’s life. However, with the right kinds of support and technology, many people dealing with severe injuries like amputations from car accidents find ways to live their best life even after a difficult experience.