Have a happy, safe Thanksgiving

It’s difficult to find anyone who doesn’t love Thanksgiving and all the trimmings. The holiday revolves around a great, big meal enjoyed with family and friends. Throw in a little dessert, football and time off of work – what’s not to love?

Unfortunately, there is one aspect of the Thanksgiving holiday that gives us pause. Because it’s the most heavily traveled weekend of the year, the risk of traffic crashes and injuries is greater than at any other time.

Those who are driving to visit loved ones or are expecting family or friends to drive to St. Louis should beware several very distinct types of drivers who pose real dangers on our streets and highways.

  • Drowsy driving: if you are planning a long Thanksgiving road trip, be sure to get a full night’s rest before departure. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says drowsy drivers are about as dangerous as drunk drivers. Fatigued drivers might be responsible for as many as one in five fatal wrecks, the foundation says.
  • Drunk driving: the Centers for Disease Control says that one person is killed in an alcohol-related crash every hour of every day in the U.S. Drugged driving is on the increase as well, now accounting for about 22 percent of all traffic accidents.
  • Distracted driving: the National Safety Council estimates that about one out of every four crashes involves cell phone use.

Those who are harmed by a distracted, drunk or drowsy driver should contact a lawyer experienced in obtaining full compensation for all damages in personal injury litigation.