Foggy mornings and your commute: Staying safe

Driving in fog is dangerous, because you and other drivers may not be able to see far ahead of your vehicle. You know that slowing down can help mitigate your risk of getting into a crash, but did you know that there are also other driving tips that could keep you safe?

Whether you’re in a passenger vehicle or riding a motorcycle, you’ll want to remember the following three tips for staying safe during your foggy morning commute.

  1. Quit using high beams

The first tip is to remember not to use your high beams. The truth about these lights is that they actually increase glare. Low beams are better for driving in fog when you have them available. In the case that your vehicle comes with fog lights, consider using those lights to maneuver rather than low or high beams.

  1. Don’t rely on the vehicle ahead of you

Lots of people think relying on the vehicle ahead of you to see where they are is a good idea, but it’s not. The other vehicles should not be used as guides, because they may not brake before colliding with something. Additionally, if you follow them without looking around you, you could follow them off the road or across the center line, which puts you both at risk.

  1. Don’t inch up on others

Much like relying on another vehicle’s lights, it can be enticing to get closer to the vehicles ahead of yours to see where they’re going and to better position your own vehicle. Don’t do this, because if they suddenly brake, your vehicle could end up hitting theirs. A better option is for you to give yourself more space and to rely on the lines on the road to see where you’re going.

If the fog is so bad that you cannot drive safely, consider staying home or parking off to the side of the road until you can drive forward safely. Fog usually lets up as temperatures rise, so waiting even a few minutes could make a difference in how well you can see and the chances of getting into a car crash.