Do Bluetooth motorcycle helmets prevent crashes or cause them?

While statistics show the importance of motorcycle helmets for preventing serious injury and death during a motorcycle accident, there are concerns that equipping helmets with Bluetooth technology will increase the potential for an accident.

Contemporary motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth technology became popular for the convenience it provides riders. However, noise detected from other vehicles on the road is a key safety aspect of riding a motorcycle, and the noise from within the helmet could become a distraction to safe driving.

Concerns about distracted driving

Cell phone use is a leading cause of distracted driving accidents, and while it is much harder to operate a motorcycle with a cell phone in hand, distracted driving is still a possibility for riders. Bluetooth technology within a motorcycle helmet generally does more than just play music. This technology is a communication system with connectivity to driver’s cell phones. Negotiating traffic while conversing on the phone is dangerous, especially when riding a motorcycle. Hands-free devices, such as Bluetooth-equipped motorcycle helmets, do not fully remove the distractions that cell phone use creates.

Arguments for Bluetooth helmets

Many motorcycle riders appreciate the safety that comes from riding in a pack with others. Bluetooth helmets allow these individuals to stay in contact with each other on the road. Newer helmets have options with LED braking illumination and nigh light features, as well as 360-degree camera access for complete visual support.

Bluetooth features are strongly appreciated by attorneys who continually address the effects of motor vehicle accidents. When used properly, motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth technology could improve driver safety.