Cyclists: Watch out for these types of crashes

The weather is slowly but surely starting to warm up, which means that biking season is right around the corner. As spring rolls around in Missouri, everyone will be itching to get on their bikes and take a ride around the neighborhood.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association reports that over 800 cyclists were killed in crashes between bikes and cars in 2016. In order to avoid a nasty crash, it is important to make sure you are as safe as can be when setting out this spring.

Use arm signals

Many accidents between cyclists and cars occur because the car cannot see or did not notice an individual who was biking near them. Using hand signals when turning can be a great way to signal to cars that you are there.

Wear a headlight or reflectors at night

Night cycling can be very dangerous, especially when bikers are not wearing anything to help notify drivers that they are on the road. Adding a headlight to your helmet or throwing on a reflective vest over one’s clothes can be a life saver. Making sure to have reflectors on the bicycle is a good idea as well.

Stay aware of surroundings

It is both a motor vehicle driver’s job as well as a cyclist’s job to avoid an accident. When cyclists do not pay attention to their surroundings when biking, they may be more susceptible to a crash. Making sure to keep an eye on passing cars as well as making eye contact with drivers when taking a turn can help confirm that motor vehicle drivers see you.