Common driving hazards to watch out for this summer

When outdoor temperatures start rising in Missouri, it means that summer has arrived. Considering that, many people enjoy spending their summers out of their homes and on the road. Unfortunately, having so many people driving around makes this season one of the most dangerous times of the year. Let’s discuss how you can avoid some of summer’s most common driving hazards.

Avoid congested roads

One of the dangers of summer driving is that there are often lots of people on the road. Many of these people are teenagers, most of whom don’t have a lot of driving experience. While there’s no way to know where teenagers will and won’t be driving, you can keep yourself safe by not driving in locations with heavy traffic.

Don’t use electronic devices while driving

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to connect with people you know. One of the most common ways people do this is by using social media. However, using your smartphone or tablet while driving is extremely dangerous. When people take their eyes off the road to check their phones, it leads to many car accidents.

Watch out for hydroplaning

It’s easy to imagine summer and think of warm weather and sunny skies, but storms also happen during the summer. When lots of rain falls and the roads get wet, it can cause vehicles to hydroplane. Hydroplaning takes place when tires collect more water than they can disburse.

Have a mechanic inspect your vehicle

Before you start driving this summer, it’s also wise to get your vehicle inspected. If not, your vehicle’s tires might be susceptible to blowouts. When a tire blows out on the road, it can create a dangerous situation for you and other drivers.

As the summer approaches, many people will be driving on roads throughout the United States. By following the previously mentioned tips, you can help ensure that you’ll stay safe from summer’s most common driving hazards.