Brake problems are a frequent cause of truck accidents

Trucks are a common sight and an intimidating presence on Missouri roadways. The possibility of a truck accident is constantly looming. Often, this is due to speeding, distraction and drowsiness. However, when there is a crash, it might have been due to a problem with the vehicle itself, specifically the brakes. Legislators, law enforcement and safety advocates are aware of brakes being a concern and take steps to address the issue.

Brake safety a focus of weeklong inspection blitz

August 22 to 28 is dedicated to inspections of commercial vehicles’ brakes. During Brake Safety Week, inspectors throughout North America will initiate these checks for brake problems. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) will receive the data and compile it to craft a report on risks and areas to improve. The focus on brakes is relevant not just because of their importance, but for other reasons as well.

According to the 2020 inspections, nearly 39% of cases in which a truck was taken out of service were related to violations with brake systems and adjustments. Overall, Brake Safety Week in 2020 resulted in the removal from service of 12% of the more than 43,500 vehicles inspected. In fatal accidents involving commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reported that the third most common factor was a brake problem. Out of the 20 most frequently cited violations, eight were brake-related. These issues can potentially spark truck accidents.

Understanding the possibility that brake problems caused a truck crash

The cause of a truck crash is a key to the investigation and helping those who have been injured in taking steps to proceed. That can involve covering for medical expenses, lost income, and various long-term problems. If the accident was due to brakes or another factor, it is imperative to know about it. For those who were in a collision as they shared the road with a truck and were suddenly injured or lost a loved one, having guidance to determine what happened and why can be essential to deciding how to move forward.