3 motorcycle maintenance concerns that are safety-critical

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Proper maintenance of a motor vehicle is crucial to the best performance of any particular machine. As a result, those who enjoy riding motorcycles must maintain their two-wheeled transportation in excellent condition or risk ending up injured because their vehicle cannot safely handle the pressure of traffic.

When temperatures start to rise and more people get their motorcycles out of storage for the warmer part of the year, routine maintenance is an important consideration. Some people will cut corners when getting their motorcycles back on the road for the first time in the spring or early summer, but ignoring any of the three maintenance issues below could directly increase someone’s chance of being hurt due to a severe collision.

1. Brakes and tires

The tires on a motorcycle are its only point of contact with the road, so adequate tread is crucial to someone’s safety. Drivers need to be able to stop quickly and turn on a dime, and good traction is the only way to ensure they can maneuver in the way they need to remain safe on the streets.

Additionally, brake maintenance is essential to traffic safety, as being able to stop or slow rapidly might leave someone unable to avoid a collision.

2. Lights and turn signals

When it comes to avoiding a crash, the awareness of other drivers is key to someone’s overall safety. Working headlights, tail lights, brake lights and turn signals are crucial as they make other drivers aware of a motorcycle near them in traffic and also help them understand what the rider intends to do. Burned-out bulbs are a safety issue in any vehicle but could be the difference between a pleasant ride and a crash for someone on a motorcycle.

3. Rust issues

On many other vehicles, rust is primarily unsightly. However, on motorcycles, rust can quickly cause damage that compromises the structural integrity of the vehicle. Motorcycles already offer only limited protection in the event of a collision, and severe rust will reduce even that limited protection.

Riders not only have to worry about how maintenance issues might affect their risk for a crash and the consequences of a wreck but also whether the condition of their bike might undermine the strength of their claims for compensation after a crash. Being proactive about motorcycle maintenance can help to put people in the best possible position to demand justice after a motorcycle collision.


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