Do you have the right kind of motorcycle insurance?

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Riders on motorcycles can experience crashes just like people in four-wheeled motor vehicles. However, they will not have the enclosed body of a vehicle to protect them. Motorcyclists often bear the brunt of the consequences in a collision between a four-wheeled motor vehicle and a two-wheeled one. They can suffer severe injuries and the total destruction of their motorcycle while the bigger vehicle only has minor cosmetic damage.

Drivers in Missouri typically need to carry insurance to register their vehicles and legally drive. Similar rules apply to motorcyclists. Unfortunately, many motorcyclists don’t look at the big picture when purchasing their policy for their bikes.

Liability-only coverage could leave you in a lurch

Every driver, including those on motorcycles, needs to carry liability insurance in case they cause a wreck. The main focus of mandatory liability coverage is to protect those not at fault for a crash from having financial costs. The driver who causes a wreck is the one whose insurance will pay for property damage and bodily injury expenses.

Drivers in Missouri can legally carry just liability coverage on their motorcycles. Unfortunately, they may then get hurt in a crash caused by someone else and not have enough coverage. Comprehensive coverage will pay to replace your bike or help pay for your medical costs and even cover your lost wages after a collision.

If you only carry liability coverage, you will pay an average of $225 per year. If you upgrade to full coverage, the price increases to $496. The increase in price is minor compared to the drastic expansion of coverage. With full coverage, your own policy, not just the coverage purchased by the other driver, will help cover your collision expenses.

Motorcyclists need all the protection they can get

All too frequently, people on motorcycles get hurt because others are unsafe on the road. It is bad enough that you could suffer debilitating injuries because of an irresponsible driver. You shouldn’t have to also suffer financial consequences because they also failed to carry enough insurance.

Taking a good look at what protects you in the event of a motorcycle crash could help you determine if you need to upgrade your insurance policy.


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