Does Missouri allow trucks in the left lane?

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Truck drivers often carry critical cargo for commerce, and deliveries need to get to their destinations on schedule, but nothing excuses moving violations. Missouri has many rules directed at commercial trucks to promote public safety. Among those laws are regulations that address large trucks’ access to the left lane.

Missouri laws about driving in the left lane

Missouri statutes place restrictions on trucks over 48,000 pounds regarding travel in the left lane. The statute restricts their travel in left-hand lanes on “interstate highways, freeways or expressways” with three or more lanes in “urbanized areas.” Trucks that travel in left-hand lanes in violation of this rule may face a citation.

Some drivers may not understand why the rule is in place. For one reason, trucks often travel slower than other vehicles. Since the left-hand land usually serves as a passing lane, the presence of an exceptionally slow vehicle in that lane could cause traffic backups.

Traffic backups and slowdowns may create problems beyond inconveniences for drivers. Accidents might result due to the disruption of traffic flow, and there are other issues with trucks careening down the left-hand lane.

Liability issues with trucks in the left lane

A truck driver’s behavior could affect others on the road. Illegally driving in the left-hand lane may result in other vehicles passing on the right or going in and out of lanes, potentially leading to accidents.

When a truck driver violates state law, the moving violation could provide the partial basis for a negligence suit. Ignoring state law sometimes leads to terrible truck accidents, leaving victims suffering from injuries and dealing with financial fallout.

An attorney may represent victims of truck accidents who wish to seek compensation through a lawsuit. The attorney might help provide clear evidence of the driver’s negligence in court.

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