Why do motorcycle accidents commonly happen?

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Motorcycle enthusiasts often embrace the freedom of traveling on Missouri roads. Others enjoy more than the “motorcycle lifestyle” as they appreciate a sleek bike’s ability to help them run errands, commute to work and more. Motorcyclists often understand such travel comes with risks. A motorcycle affords nowhere near the protection of an SUV or even a small car, so understanding the common reasons for motorcycle accidents may assist with avoiding collisions.

Dangers present when riding a motorcycle

Motorcyclists may find themselves paying closer attention to the road than the average driver. Obstructions strewn in the road could lead to a terrible spill. Inclement weather may present enough slickness for a rider to lose control of the bike. A motorcyclist could crash into a telephone pole, a tree, a sign or a parked vehicle in such situations. Even at low speeds, an individual could sustain severe injuries.

Such solo motorcycle accidents reflect a far lesser percentage of incidents than those involving another vehicle. When a motorcycle collides into a moving vehicle, one or both parties may be at fault. Even pedestrians and third parties, such as manufacturers, could play a role. Ultimately, figuring out who was negligent becomes necessary when seeking compensation for injuries.

An intoxicated motorist that travels at unsafe speeds and strikes a legally stopped motorcyclist would likely face solid liability claims. That said, the investigation may reveal that the motorcyclist was partially responsible for his or her injuries for some reason. Did the motorcyclist overbrake or take to the roads with a flat tire?

Negligence, injuries and subsequent actions

A collision may leave a motorcyclist with broken bones and a traumatic brain injury. Immediate and follow-up medical attention may come with massive costs, and loss of income could compound the financial stress. Hopefully, the negligent party has sufficient insurance to cover the losses, or the motorcyclist has underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. In either situation, dealing with the insurance company could involve tough settlement negotiations.

A personal injury attorney could be a valuable help to someone injured in a motorcycle accident. A lawyer may help someone with insurance claims or even suing beyond policy limits if necessary.

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