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Violent, deadly motorcycle crash south of St. Louis

Motorcycle riders say the feeling of freedom on the road is unparalleled. Plus, riding a motorcycle can be much cheaper than driving a car and it can be much easier to find a parking spot in St. Louis on a cycle than in a four-wheeled vehicle.

Unfortunately, motorcycles come with a degree of danger, too. We read recently of a violent motorcycle accident in Butler County, about 150 miles south of us. The 57-year-old motorcyclist died of his injuries at the scene of the head-on collision between his cycle and a pick-up truck.

University of Missouri study could reduce work zone crashes

A new University of Missouri study is expected to help regulators and lawmakers across the nation form “behavioral countermeasures” designed to make highway work zones safer. A recent article on the study says the Federal Highway Administration and other agencies are implementing countermeasures to reduce the number of distracted driving crashes, injuries and fatalities in highway work zones.

The University of Missouri study recommends bans on texting while driving, improvements in driver education and policies that will further deter distracted driving.

The nightmare of truck underride crashes

We read recently of a horrific crash involving a passenger car a tractor trailer. Federal agencies are investigating the wreck because they are concerned that the Tesla sedan might have been in self-driving Autopilot mode at the time of the crash with the 18-wheeler.

While that is certainly an aspect of this fatal wreck that should be examined carefully, another aspect of this tragedy reminded us of an aspect of truck accidents that is too often ignored.

Cyclists: Watch out for these types of crashes

The weather is slowly but surely starting to warm up, which means that biking season is right around the corner. As spring rolls around in Missouri, everyone will be itching to get on their bikes and take a ride around the neighborhood.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association reports that over 800 cyclists were killed in crashes between bikes and cars in 2016. In order to avoid a nasty crash, it is important to make sure you are as safe as can be when setting out this spring.

Drivers injured in wrong-way crash near St. Louis airport

We have all made mistakes. But few of us make mistakes that lead to head-on automobile collisions and injuries.

But that is what happened a few days ago on Interstate 170 near St. Louis Lambert International Airport. Both drivers were injured in the head-on collision involving a Ford Fusion going south in the interstate’s northbound lanes, the Missouri Highway Patrol said.

Words of winter caution from Missouri State Highway Patrol

One of the things we can count on in St. Louis is that we cannot count on our winter weather. It could be sunny and warm today and cold and snowy tomorrow and then back again the following day.

Winter weather can make driving treacherous, which is why it is important for us to be able to count on each other to drive cautiously and safely when snow, sleet, freezing rain and other wintry conditions occur. In that way, we can all reduce the risks of being injured in an automobile or tractor-trailer crash that should have been avoided despite the weather.

Chaotic crash in St. Louis intersection involved driverless car

St. Louis Post-Dispatch sportswriters are typically devoted to covering the Cardinals and Blues, with some Billikens, Saint Louis FC and of course, coverage of national teams across the sports spectrum. They rarely write about motor vehicle crashes, though that changed, at least briefly, for a local sportswriter who was recently involved in an unusual crash that involved a vehicle with no driver and an out-of-control Jeep.

One person was injured in the crash and taken to a nearby hospital, according to a news report, though it was not clear what the extent of the injuries might be.

What should I do if I’m in a hit-and-run?

Most people have experienced a small fender-bender. You pull over to a safe area, get out of your car, and exchange information with the other driver. At least, that’s what everyone should do. Some drivers do not have the courtesy to provide their contact and insurance information after an accident and simply drive away.

This is called a hit-and-run, and it is illegal in Missouri. It is crucial to know the steps to follow after a hit-and-run accident, so you know what to do if you are ever the victim of one.

Suburban St. Louis mayor in hit-and-run crash controversy

Fenton is a small St. Louis suburb that rarely makes headlines. But that changed a few days ago when the mayor of the town of about 4,000 residents was involved in a hit-and-run wreck that he initially allegedly misled police officers about.

Mayor Joshua Voyles drove to his Fenton home on Dec. 16 after he was involved in a motor vehicle accident in which he struck a parked truck. He told responding officers that he had been drinking at an area bar and that a friend had given him a ride home and that another friend had driven his car home for him. Officers noted that the mayor slurred his words, his statements were disorganized and that his breath smelled of alcohol. His car was also damaged, the St. Louis County police officers noted in their report.

Severe winter storms cause Missouri drivers to lose control

The first month of the new year has brought concern to many Missouri residents as record snow storms have hit the Midwest. Many drivers reported accidents due to slippery conditions, losing control of the vehicle. Crashes began happening the end of January with medical and law enforcement responding.

Most of the accidents were caused by black ice and low visibility. Motorists are cautioned against driving whenever road conditions are subjected to severe winter storms. Many drivers do not anticipate the number of hazards on the road until it is too late.

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