Darold Crotzer has been a member of the Missouri Bar since 1966. Throughout his lengthy career, he has built a reputation as a skilled, compassionate, and knowledgeable attorney. Darold is excited to bring his expertise to assist clients of The Wilbers Law Firm.

Over 50 Years of Experience

In more than 50 years of practice, Darold honed his skills as a trial attorney and trusted advisor. He served the community by advising public organizations, including the St. Louis School Board, the St. Louis Housing Authority, the Great Rivers Greenway District, the St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners, and several St. Louis County school districts. His experience additionally includes serving as special litigation counsel in matters involving the St. St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners and serving as litigation as counsel for the St. Louis Municipal Police Department. As a prosecutor, he spent more than 30 years preparing and litigating state-level criminal cases.

Specialized Knowledge Guiding Government Agencies and Non-Profits

The Wilbers Law Firm is no stranger to cases involving local and state-level public entities. Darold’s impressive work history allowed him to gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with public and non-profit organizations. He has successfully represented school districts, law enforcement agencies, park districts, and non-profit organizations. He now brings his valuable experience and conflict-resolution skills to The Wilbers Law Firm.

Community Involvement and Accomplishments

For the entirety of Darold Crotzer’s legal career, he has been poised at the intersection of community affairs and involvement, and he has a long history of assisting in community affairs in a professional capacity. His extensive experience working with schools, law enforcement, parks, and non-profits left him with a deep appreciation for the importance of building a strong community.

Importantly, Darold was personally involved in St. Louis’s school desegregation efforts, an initiative that continues to be regarded as one of the most successful in the nation’s history. In more recent years, he has delivered talks at the MSBA Conference on topics including religion in schools and investigations into sexual harassment claims by school students and staff. Throughout his career, he has also served on the board of a variety of St. Louis non-profits, some of which include St. Louis Transitional Hope House, the Clayton Housing Council, and the Community Alliance for Healthy Kids.