Bridgett holds an Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies from Kaplan University. With a specialization in personal injury law, she honed her expertise over several years before joining The Wilbers Law Firm. Bridgett’s journey in the legal arena began with a stint in law enforcement administration at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department, where she not only gained valuable experience but also met her husband.

Her role at the firm is multifaceted, as she navigates through insurance-level claims with finesse and also handles state- and federal-level litigation. Bridgett’s diverse background and commitment to her craft make her a valuable asset to the legal team, ensuring thorough and effective representation for her clients.

Bridgett grew up in Ava, Missouri, and has been married to Brad for eight years. Together, they have five children. She and her husband have a heart for foster children, and have opened their home to multiple children, loving and caring for them as they overcome difficult circumstances. Bridgett also enjoys volunteering and supporting various charities. She loves being outside and spending time with her family.