April is Distracted Driving Month

As our regular readers know, we often write about behind-the-wheel behaviors that can lead to auto accidents, including speeding and impairment. We also find ourselves returning to a topic that keeps gaining in prominence here in St. Louis and across the nation: distracted driving.

Because April is Distracted Driving Month, we’re going to take a look at some efforts to prevent this behavior that results in motor vehicle crashes, injuries and deaths every day across the nation.

In fact, the National Safety Council says that on average, nine people lose their lives in distracted driving crashes daily and that another 100 more are injured in these entirely preventable wrecks caused by people paying attention to phones instead of traffic and streets. The nonprofit Safety Council hopes to raise awareness of the dangers of the behavior, which could, in turn, reduce the risks and tragedies.

According to an article in Forbes, Ohio State University’s Risk Institute is spearheading projects and research to reduce distracted driving. The group’s efforts are in tandem with government agencies and dozens of private companies.

Distracted driving is an epidemic across the country. Every day you hear ‘distracted driving is killing people,’ and it is, but nothing is being done to figure out how to stop it,” said the Risk Institute’s executive director. “That’s why we started this initiative — to create actionable change.”

The group has studied the impact of insurance discounts for good driving, for instance, as well, as well as which types of drivers tend to be more likely to succumb to the temptations of electronic distractions (it turns out that confident drivers are most susceptible).

“Understanding what makes people do what they do is the first step to changing that behavior,” said a psychology professor at Ohio State.

Victims of distracted drivers have legal options that can help them obtain compensation for all damages. Contact a St. Louis law firm experienced in personal injury litigation to learn more.