4 common injuries suffered in a car accident

On Behalf of The Wilbers Law Firm LLC | Jan 13, 2023 | Car Accidents |

It’s common knowledge that, after a car accident, you should seek medical attention no matter how minor the accident may have been. This is because, by having a medical report, you can prove that you were injured in a car accident and seek the compensation you need to cover vehicle repairs and medical bills.

However, many people don’t know what kind of injuries they might sustain if they are in a car accident. The following are examples of common inquiries people suffer from following a car accident:


A concussion occurs when someone suffers from a heavy blow to the head. As a result, the brain shakes around in the skull and can temporarily affect brain function. A concussion is a common injury seen after a sports accident, however, they are also frequently suffered from following a motor vehicle accident.

This is why many people who play sports wear helmets and why it is required for people who drive motorcycles – the helmet can absorb some of the impact of a fall or hit.

Concussions are often considered a mild traumatic brain injury. The result of a concussion can leave people with impaired brain function, as stated above. This may cause memory loss, dizziness, headaches and balance issues.


Whiplash and concussion often go hand-in-hand. Like a concussion, after taking a blow to the head, a victim might suffer from whiplash. However, whiplash affects the neck, shoulders and spine as a result of the sudden pressure from an accident. Whiplash may leave a person tense, sore or mildly in pain.

Herniated disc

Each vertebra has a liquid sack in between that functions much like a cushion for the bones and nerves. These sacks can rupture after a car accident, also called a herniated disc, resulting in serious pain as the bones rub up against the nerves. This may result in debilitating issues for a victim, causing many people to struggle to get up or move.


The spine is a major contributor to how the body functions, such as arm and leg movements. This is a direct result of the brain sending signals down the spine and to such limbs. In an accident that caused injury to the spine, these signals may weaken or be gone entirely, resulting in paralysis. Paralysis has been known to affect a single body part like a foot, but also disable some people from the neck down.

If you were in a car accident, then you should know your legal options when seeking compensation for your losses and medical bills.