3 reasons to never post about your accident on your socials

Social media has completely changed the way we express ourselves and share our lives with our friends. Socials are how most people interact with one another now, and have replaced phone calls and coffee dates as the way to share the news with friends and family.

However, you should never post anything about your motor vehicle accident on any social media platform. Here are three good reasons to keep your car accident off your socials.

1. Attorneys can use your words against you

Litigators can take anything you post on social media and use it against you in a court of law. A simple phrase like, “I didn’t mean for that to happen,” can become an admission of guilt in the hands of a talented attorney, even if you only meant it as a joke.

2. Photos are evidence

The court will accept photos and videos taken from your socials and admit them as evidence in court. Visuals of you or the accident that you post, taken out of context, can be twisted to discredit you or “prove” your guilt.

3. “Erased” posts are never really gone

Deleting a post from your social feels final, but that post is never really gone. It is still available on the internet, and opposing counsel can certainly find it if they look. Best to simply never post at all.

Posting about your accident on socials can only hurt you. Tell your friends and family what happened in person, and keep it off your social media accounts.